Got introduced to Doterra oils by joining a trial for severe joint pain.. I had arthritis in my hip and was waiting for a replacement. Pain was constant. I bought the supliments and received 3 oils free. Plus Orla gave me 10 by 30mins free massage sessions. When I went to first sesssion I had to get a chair to climb onto the massage table as my limbs were so restricted. By session 2 I was able to lift my leg onto the table by myself, the supliments were helping by reducing inflammation in my joints. The pain didn’t fully disappear but it did reduce it and made me more mobile. I then purchased more oils to help with different things, skin, hormones, general well being.. I also use some to flavor drinks or food. They are expensive but the quality and how long they last as u only need a couple of drops at a time far outweigh the cost. They also look after the people who harvest the oils and give back to their community so everyone is winning.

Madeleine 0