The Wellness Club

The wellness club is your one stop shop for everything you need to support you as you actively pursue and work toward an optimal state of health and wellbeing

The Wellness Club

The wellness club is your one stop shop for everything you need to support you as you actively pursue and work toward an optimal state of health and wellbeing

About The Wellness Club

You are very welcome to The Wellness Club.
Founded by Orla Kerley in 2019, it was originally set up to support her client’s wellness in between visits to the salon for massage. But has since grown outside of her salon to online and The wellness club is now a team of wellness advocates with a passion for people and about supporting them on their wellness journey.

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What our Customers say about us

Sarah Grace

Personally what sold Doterra to me was the smell of Doterra Lemon essential oil diffusing in the corner of the room , while I visited Orla’s house . I was like “wait I need this smell in my life” and the rest is history  Understanding the incredible potency of these essential oils and the true treasure of nature that’s been gifted to us is very powerful . I love these oils so much , I’ve learned how to blend and make my own blends . I see , know and experienced the benefits and I want to share it with everyone

Bridget O' Connell

I love the smell of the lavender Doterra oil! It is absolutely beautiful - no other lavender oil compares. I find it really useful for sleeping and also for general relaxation throughout the day! Orla introduced me to Doterra products and they are fab…

Jacquelyn Kavanagh

Doterra products are amazing, very versatile and so useful. I use them as skin care, to reduce my anxiety and to aid my sleeping pattern or lack there of!Text

Natalie White

I absolutely love Doterra. It is part of our every day life. Orla introduced me to Doterra many years ago when our kids were babies. Orla came to my house and presented the products to us and all the many benefits. I signed up that night and have never looked back. I am on the loyalty plan and order every month. I have 3 kids and thankfully we are all in great health. If any one of them has a sickness or sore they immediately ask “mum get your magic oils “. Orla is a wealth of knowledge and is always available to offer support.


Orla has been unfailingly helpful l since I was first introduced to Doterra’s essential oils (I use the kids’ oils also at home, rolling them into the soles of the feet before bedtime). I love their benefit when diffused... I find it works wonders for stress, anxiety, and moods. Using diluted oils on the skin can be great for relaxation, to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and just to smell nice! They are a very powerful medicine and when used in these safe and non-invasive ways can help to balance the body and promote healing.


Got introduced to Doterra oils by joining a trial for severe joint pain.. I had arthritis in my hip and was waiting for a replacement. Pain was constant. I bought the supliments and received 3 oils free. Plus Orla gave me 10 by 30mins free massage sessions. When I went to first sesssion I had to get a chair to climb onto the massage table as my limbs were so restricted. By session 2 I was able to lift my leg onto the table by myself, the supliments were helping by reducing inflammation in my joints. The pain didn’t fully disappear but it did reduce it and made me more mobile. I then purchased more oils to help with different things, skin, hormones, general well being.. I also use some to flavor drinks or food. They are expensive but the quality and how long they last as u only need a couple of drops at a time far outweigh the cost. They also look after the people who harvest the oils and give back to their community so everyone is winning.


Orla introduced me to doterra products, I originally wanted to use the essential oils for my kids to help aid sleep and digestion something they struggled with. I was very new to the use of essential oils but Orla was so helpful. I now have a vast collection for myself and the kids and would not go back to a time before I used them. In particular the roller ball  options are fab to keep in your bag for on the go.


I started on my journey with Orla and Doterra Oils in 2017 as I was looking for an alternative to help with chronic anxiety. The oils not only helped with the anxiety but also opened up lots of new ways of treating other things alternatively. I now make my own antibiotics, I use them diluted on my 2 children, I diffuse them round the house and also use them in massage. There are so many ways to utilise these little miracle oils, the investment you make with them will be worth every penny.


Doterra has improved my wellbeing as using Onguard regularly has helped me feel I am giving my immune system a boost during these challenging COVID well as protecting my family’s health (using Stronger Kid’s as a cold remedy for my son) and diffusing oils at home in the evening after work for general R&R. Orla has been a fantastic help from the get go, very generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise always.


I used to have seasonal discomfort (sinusitis) every year for many months and one evening I met orla who introduces me to the oils and my discomfort desappered after 1 week using the oils. Now the oils are part of our family daily use.


I came across doterra in 2020 because I was looking for something natural to help me with a few symptoms I was having. Orla kindly sent me a couple of samples and I did the introductory workshop to learn a bit more. I've found great relief from headaches with the peppermint oil and water retention with the grapefruit oil. I also struggled to drink enough water because I just found it boring so I got a few more of the other citrus oils (wild orange, lemon, and lime) and they add such a lovely punch of flavour. I picked up the yoga collection which I love in the diffuser, they keep my spaces fresh and calm. And lastly, I also tried the Terrazyme capsules for digestion which worked wonders too. It's great to know that there is a whole range of natural products out there that can really help with some of the day-to-day things that most of us probably struggle with from time to time. I'm looking forward to trying a few more!


As a newbie to essential oils I am so impressed by the quality and impact of the doterra products purchased so far. I’ve had some minor ailments during pregnancy and with the advice and support of orla in the doterra team she was able to help me resolve them as well as use the oils to promote overall well-being and relaxation ahead of my pending arrival! I’m constantly learning new ways to use the oils and delighted that I invested in the family pack.


I have used doterra oils to mixed with carrier oils and I have found them beneficial for hair, skin, home cleaning products. They are non toxic and I love the citrus and mints for when feeling tired and need a pick me up!

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